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Ongoing innovation, for a better future
Copcisa is carrying out research, development and innovation projects, studying new formulae for improving the quality of materials and systems of working. Through these initiatives, it aims to optimise resources, foster respect for the environment, increase quality and improve safety conditions for all employees.
Some examples of projects are:
The HORLIGAUTO project is for the use of a new lightweight self-compacting fibre-reinforced concrete, with the aim of achieving a material with characteristics that make it optimum for structural refurbishment and reinforcement work. From a technical point of view, a goal of the project is to reduce the self-weight applied to the structure due to the concrete’s low density. Another goal is to achieve better production and application rates on site due to the self-compacting nature of this type of concrete. Lastly, a third objective is to reduce, or even eliminate traditional reinforcement through the use of structural fibre reinforcement.
The MICROPAB project is based on the design of a gap-graded hot mix asphalt with high-quality 8mm maximum size aggregates. Its use is specially designed for ultra-fine layers (between 1 and 2 cm) and modified bitumen, together with the use of a high dosage thermal binding bitumen emulsion tack coat and a latest-generation laying system that guarantees, due to its important technological advances, the correct application of the mix on site so as to improve the SFC value.
Copcisa is one of the first construction companies with a R&D and innovation management system that complies with the UNE 166002 standard. This system is a pioneer in the spanish construction sector and has reached a level of consolidation reflected by the successful results of all external audits that have been regularly carried out in this area.
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